Toyota hybrids to go on show in Geneva

Two new Toyota hybrid concepts will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show this year – the Hybrid X and FT-HS.

The car manufacturer said that its new models will show its "commitment to a comprehensive vision of sustainable mobility" and also demonstrate the "wide range of personal transport solutions" that hybrid technology can provide.

Toyota has pledged its commitment to researching solutions to reduce the impact that cars have on the environment.

Using its hybrid synergy drive technology, the manufacturer states that it is making progress towards creating "the ultimate eco-car".

The Hybrid X is a concept vehicle that is tailored to showcase the technology available for future automobiles and also propose a new "design language" for hybrid models.

The FT-HS, however, is designed to offer a vision of the sports car of the 21st century – the front-engine, rear-drive vehicle has a projected 0-100km/h acceleration time of around four seconds.

Also on display in Geneva will be the Auris show car, revealing for the first time in Europe the three-door version of the model, and the Avensis, which will be upgraded with premium features including touchscreen full map navigation.


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