Company adopts Toyota Prius for its entire fleet

The green credentials of the Toyota Prius have led to 45 of its models being taken on by a company to make up its entire fleet.

Previously, Premiere Products used up to 15 models from eight different manufacturers for its sales car fleet but has decided to exclusively use the Toyota Prius owing to the beneficial effect this could have on the environment.

Using the model could also allow the company to save up to 30 per cent in running costs.

Andrew Marquand, assistant managing director of Premiere Products, explained: "We took the first step when we decided to make the fleet all-diesel about three years ago.

"This time round we decided to specify an environmentally-friendly hybrid car, and because of its loadspace the Toyota Prius was the only one fit for our purpose."

Mr Marquand described the Prius as "an innovative car" and said that the experience of driving it is "quite different" to the vehicles that the company’s employees previously used.


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