New Audi RS5 First Look

Audi has taken the top off its RS5 to reveal a new Cabriolet version that’s buxom, racy and sexier than ever.

The brains might be the same (444bhp, 4.2-litre, V8, Four Wheel Drive, Seven Speed Dual Clutch Transmission) but in terms of its looks? It’s all change?

The soft top roof folds away in 15 seconds at anything up to 31mph. Okay, the boot might lose 60 of its 380-litres for that roof, but isn’t that worth paying for the chance to drive a deep, throaty RS5 with the wind running through your locks? That ride can be varied from anything to rattly-go cart to smooth Roller, thanks to Audi’s adaptive dampers. There’s also dynamic modes for the steering and throttle.

The RS5 almost maintains its high performance, reaching 6.2mph in 4.9secs – drag reducing acceleration by 0.4sec over its hard-top sibling. The top speed is limited on UK models, to 155mph, though if you’re an uninhibited German that speed can be raised to an autobahn friendly 174mph.

The new cabriolet is somewhere around 200kg heavier than the RS5 Coupe, a fact that has prompted Audi to build lighter aluminium front wings in the newer version. Other weight-saving devices include petal-shaped brake discs from the RS4 Avant, saving 3kg. The rest of the car is almost identical – the same bumper, RS oval exhaust outlets and arches. The price? Expect to pay somewhere just over £70k for Audi’s new headless horseman.


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