New Concept – VW Design Vision Golf GTI

Volkswagen has, aptly, chosen the idyllic setting of Wörthersee Lake on the southern tip of Austria to launch a car that’s the stuff of Boy Racer wet dreams.

Christened, the Design Vision Golf GTI, VW’s new ride not only looks every inch performance, it also lives up the billing under the hood – packing the best part of 500bhp!

The VW Design Vision Golf GTI will be launched at Volkswagen’s corporate get-together, at Wörthersee.

The car is all about blue sky thinking. A 3.0 turbo V6 chucks out 496bhp thanks to 4WD and a six-speed dual-clutch TX. The VW Design Vision Golf GTI rockets along 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds – just over the time it takes to say that last sentence! VW’s standard GTI reaches 62mph in just under twice that time.

The VWDVG GTI (as we’re now calling it) will appear with 20” alloys. Ceramic breaks will feature in a bid to rein in all that breakneck speed.

It’s wider than previous models, around 2.5”, a smidgen shorter and 2¼” lower than predecessors. The result is a Golf GTI that looks more about powerful driving than a mid-iron from the fairway.

Inside, VW have given the VWDVG GTI all the carbon fibre and Alcantara it can handle. There’s red fabric door pulls to reduce and seat belts replaced by X-shaped braces. There’s even space below the seats for crash helmets! Clue.

Even more exciting/terrifying/worrying is the fact that the VWDVG GTI dashboard shows which circuit on which it is currently being driven along with times and splits etc. There are paddle shifters, centre console controls, and three drive modes: Track, Sport, and Street. In addition, there is also an electric kill switch and a button that triggers a fire extinguisher.

So, will it be available to me and thee?

Not at the moment. This GTI is more concept than production. Even track drivers are going to have to wait for the ideas to come to fruition.

The car is part of a VW training project for year four’s leading designers. Prof. Werner Neubauer, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand Manager for the Business Component(!) commented:

“With projects like this, our students learn an incredible amount; for their GTI they could choose from a variety of components. (With) high stakes, solid knowledge and good ideas they have created a unique piece, the car driver’s heart beat faster.”


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