Customers are spending more to get better specifications

Honda cars is celebrating statistics which show that the Civic type R
has outsold other 3-door hatches since its launch in March 2007.

Honda (UK) has sold just one of the stripped-down, lightweight type Rs –
with no parcel shelf, stereo equipment or audio speakers – yet the GT option, with a more refined, high specification cabin, accounts for 90 per cent of sales – showing that customers are opting to spend a bit more to achieve more luxury.

During its first year, the Civic type R has won its fair share of
accolades, winning Top Gear magazine’s Hot Hatch of the Year and
scooping the Auto Express’s New Car Honours too.

Honda has also found that the residual value for a three year old
(60,000 mile) vehicle is over 50 per cent – whereas other hatches in the
same class are depreciating down to approximately 40-45 per cent.


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