Honda reaches 100,000 milestone

Honda has announced the achievement of a new brand record – the sale of 100,000 models in a year.

The automaker sold a total of 100,300 cars in the 2006-07 financial year, an achievement made possible by a particularly strong final month to the period. During this year, Honda also achieved a record market share of 4.66 per cent.

Celebrating the milestone, Honda said that it "illustrates the considerable growth of the company over the past two decades".

Jeff Dodds, head of marketing for Honda UK, said that the 100,000 sales represent the achievement of a record that the company set itself in 1994.

"Back then, we sold under 30,000 cars and the only markets to sell 100,000 were America and Japan. Just 13 years later, we’ve realised our dream – and it’s a fantastic achievement for everyone involved.

"But we’re not resting on our laurels: the next target is 150,000 cars, which will be just as tough a challenge."

The biggest contribution to Honda’s UK sales in 2007 so far has been made by the Civic range, which has experienced sales of 11,837.


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