Tax changes ‘won’t affect Honda CR-V’

Honda has advised people that own or are considering buying its CR-V model that they will not be paying more tax, stressing that "not all 4x4s are the same".

According to the manufacturer, the CR-V is "one of the cleanest and most fuel efficient 4x4s on the market".

Cars in band G – those that emit more than 225 grams of carbon per kilometre – will be paying £400 in tax by next year, but Honda points out that the diesel CR-V emits 173g/km, placing it in band E. This model has an average fuel economy of 43.5mpg.

The petrol version of the CR-V is in band F, with emissions of 194g/km, but this is still higher than many family saloons, according to Honda.

Meanwhile, for the automaker’s Civic Hybrid model, annual vehicle excise duty costs have been reduced to just £15.

This car produces just 109 grams of CO2 per kilometre, placing it in band B.


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