Ford Mondeo vehicles proving highly sought after

The demand for vehicles including a used Ford Mondeo and a used Ford Fiesta remains strong with a recent auction shifting 196 vehicles from the manufacturer.

At the British Car Auction (BCA) Bedford, 196 vehicles from Ford were available and they all sold for a combined sales value of £1.95 million.

This represents the fifth time since the start of 2009 that a 100 per cent success has been witnessed in sales of the Ford fleet at the auctions.

Some 65 registered buyers were in attendance bidding on the vehicles, while they were joined by another 60 bidders on the internet.

Alan Gupwell, BCA’s account manager remarketing manager, said: "The Ford sales this year are just going from strength to strength. Buyer numbers continue to increase."

Auction manager Chris Shambrook added that the prices exceeded Ford’s own value expectations.

A past review of the 2007 Ford Mondeo by Channel Four revealed that the vehicle provides buyers with "excellent value for money", while it is also practical and a "great drive".


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