Get happy with the new Citroen C3 Picasso

The designers who have worked on the new baby-MPV, the C3 Picasso, think they have delivered a car that will promote happiness.

The press release trumpeting its October debut at the Paris Motor Show talks of "smooth, rounded curves softening the contours and giving the car a happy appearance".

Its manufacturers insist that when they look at the new product they can "see the impish grin of its smiling headlamps".

The new car will score heavily when it comes to brightness and spaciousness. A panoramic glass roof is available which allows even more light to soak into the cabin, hopefully enhancing a general feeling of well-being.

Continuing the happy theme, a ‘wink’ shaped cluster is positioned, in classic MPV style, on the central axis of the vehicle so that all passengers can access cabin information.

This cluster is angled slightly toward the driver, who will also benefit from a translucent eye-shaped area with driver information.

The car will launch in the UK in 2009.

Written by Ledley McQueen


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