Rush hour survey points to need for Stop & Start technology

A new survey conducted by Citroen has examined the trials of the British motorists’ rush hour journey – the findings of which seem to support the need for the company’s Stop & Start technology.

Stop & Start is available on the Citroen C2 and C3 superminis and aims to minimise CO2 emissions by turning off the car’s engine when stationary.

Independent trials have shown a Stop & Start vehicle can save up to 27 per cent in urban driving conditions.

There seems to be a great call for it as Citroen’s most recent survey discovered that traffic congestion in five major city centres – London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Norwich and Manchester – seems to be worse than ever.

The average commuter is stationary for 25 minutes – 42 per cent of the time – during a typical hour-long journey in which they travelled just 12.9 miles.

London drivers covered almost twice as many miles as they did two years ago – 13.2 compared to 2006’s 6.8 – yet were stationary for around five minutes longer.


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