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Every Monday morning (hey, it’s the first one, give us a break), here at VCARs, we’ll give you a quick round-up of the motoring news from the weekend papers and links to read more. That means, instead of returning from the newsagents laden with papers, you can wait until Monday morning and, here at VCARS, catch the lot!

The Guardian – Black Box Insurance

Jill Insley in The Guardian reports how car insurance based on satellite technology has led to a 20% fall in crashes involving young drivers. ‘Telematics’ insurance, involves in-car tracking equipment that monitor driving behaviour such as braking and acceleration, cornering, speed and what time of day the car is driven. The ‘Telematics’ data is then used to calculate insurance premiums: the better the driving, the lower the premium. Read more…


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The Mirror – Ford focus on speed limit?

In The Mirror, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond reports how over 220,000 Fords sold in Europe last year were equipped with speed limiters… “The system can be set to a speed between 10mph and the legal limit. When you approach your set speed the supply of fuel to the engine is reduced and you slow down. You can override the system by flooring the throttle – like when you’re overtaking.”

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Car Magazine – Jaguar – Just your Type?

As Jaguar confirmed its new F-type sports car at the 2012 New York auto show, it issued some teaser video footage of the new £55,000 roadster landing in showrooms in spring 2013.

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The Mail – Time for insurance to be clamped?

Jo Thornhill reports on how consumers groups are calling for a clampdown on inflated charges imposed by insurers when customers need to make changes to their policy. As is the way with the Mail, Jo goes voxpop and talks to two readers who ‘were amazed at the level of fees imposed by insurers when customers need to make simple changes to their policy.’ Read more…

The Independent – Fly Drive?

John Hall reports on how a small aviation company has created the first car licensed to fly as well as drive!
Terrafugia’s ‘Transition’ features two seats, four wheels and retractable wings, and was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show over the weekend. With a full tank of Premium 91-octane fuel, the Transition should have a range of 644 miles. It is, however, currently restricted to US domestic flights only. Read more…


The Telegraph – Time for Trailers MOT?

Lucien Watkins asks: is it about time there was an MOT for trailers? Lucien noted: “On the M4 recently, I passed a forlorn figure standing next to his car and trailer. The cause of his dismay was obvious. His trailer had collapsed, its body resting on the road. Owners’ amateur efforts to rebuild trailers would not be permitted in countries such as Sweden, where all trailers need to be registered and have a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer. Most significantly, they need to pass a regular roadworthiness test. Is this necessary in the UK?” Read more…


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