The Audi TT is chosen as the official car – for the TT racing

The Audi TTS has been named as the official car for the 2008 Tourist
Trophy (TT) Motorcycle Races.

This is a double coup since it means that the the new Audi 272PS TTS
will debut in Britain.

Peter Duffy, Audi UK’s head of marketing, commented: "Having been
supporters of the British Super Bike championship in recent years, we’re now delighted to be associated with the Isle of Man TT races and to be able to play an active part in this world famous event.

"The Isle of Man held the very first Tourist Trophy event in Britain and became an integral part of Audi’s heritage in its days with NSU. We look forward to writing the next chapter in our company’s history with the public showing of the new Audi TTS on the island."

The Isle of Man is hosting the 2008 TT races from May 24th until June


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