Audi A3 drivers could benefit from engine improvement

Small engine used Audi A3 drivers have been told that if they buy the latest 1.4-litre petrol offering they will be getting a vehicle that gives the impression that the engine is far bigger.

According to CAR keys, a review of the Audi A3 1.4 TFSI SE by David Finlay states that the engine is one of the car’s most impressive features.

He explains that "on paper it’s equivalent to a good naturally-aspirated 1.6, but in everyday driving it actually feels more like a two-litre, without any hint of turbo lag to give the game away".

Furthermore, the vehicle still offers motorists a solid fuel economy of 47.9 miles to the gallon, while generating CO2 emissions of 140g/km.

Mr Finlay added that he was a fan of one of the Audi’s old-fashioned features in that the footrest was in a "sensible" place and not positioned too far forward so a driver has to stretch to make contact.

Channel Four commented in a review of the Audi A3 that the vehicle came equipped with "high quality" interior.


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