Audi A3 drivers can opt for “rapid” 1.4-litre engine

Despite only featuring a 1.4-litre engine, Audi A3 motorists could still witness some "rapid" speed from the vehicle, a reviewer has revealed.

Writing for the Glasgow Sunday Mail, Graeme states that the newly-devised Audi A3 has strong all-round capabilities.

Cars with 1.4-litre engines are often seen to have decent pace without setting the world alight, but Graeme remarks that the petrol engine allows the vehicle to hit a top speed of 126 miles per hour, while only generating 137g/km of CO2.

He also explains that the vehicle could prove an ideal choice for motorists regularly using motorways because it has a "superb" ride.

Furthermore, Graeme reveals in the publication that Manchester United youngster Danny Wellbeck will take the final part of his driving test in an Audi A3.

And he concludes that the young striker is "well grounded" after choosing a vehicle that is "renowned for quality over flashiness".

Wellbeck recently picked up a Carling Cup winners medal after being included in the Manchester United team that beat Tottenham Hotspur on penalties.


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