Thatcham endorses the braking on the Volvo XC60

Thatcham, the test centre for the motor insurance industry, has tested three new selected technologies that can mitigate or prevent low-speed accidents.

Three quarters of accidents occur at speeds of 20mph or less.

Thatcham recommend the Volvo City Safe system – new auto-braking technology which will be fitted to the Volvo XC60.

Matthew Avery, head of research at Thatcham, recommended[repetition]: "All three systems offer increased protection and Volvo’s system, in particular, impressed everyone with its autonomous function and because it intervenes at the last possible instant and can completely avoid a collision.

"The system will have a great effect on the number of low-speed collisions – in England and in the rest of the world."

The new XC60 will also offer ‘collision warning with autobrake’ as an additional option.


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