Honda reveals high-spec Civic Hybrid

Honda has launched a new high-specification version of its Civic Hybrid due to customer demand.

The company has announced the release of the Civic Hybrid EX, available to order from dealers across the UK and hitting showrooms in November.

Featuring leather upholstery, the car gives drivers ultimate comfort when dealing with the wide range of technological wares the firm has packed into the release.

Indeed, the vehicle features a satellite navigation system and Honda’s Hands Free Telephone equipment with Bluetooth connectivity – allowing motorists to be safe while taking calls on the road.

In February, the government brought in strict new regulations outlawing the use of a handheld mobile phone.

A representative for the manufacturer commented that the car is an ideal choice for those who travel on business.

"The new EX will allow us to meet those needs and therefore we should appeal to an even wider range of businesses and user chooser drivers," said Harvey Hughes, corporate operations manager for Honda.


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