Honda Civic an attractive scrappage scheme option

People looking to purchase cars through the scrappage scheme would do well to look at the Honda Civic, it has been suggested.

Research conducted on behalf of the Sunday Times shows some manufacturers have increased their finance deal mark-ups in response to the initiative, which was introduced by the government in its April Budget as part of an attempt to stimulate the car market.

Under the scrappage scheme, owners of cars whose vehicles are more than ten years old can receive a discount of £2,000 if they put the money they save towards a new vehicle.

While half of the subsidy is funded by the government, the remainder is made up by car manufacturers – and the newspaper speculates that some have resorted to making up lost money by increasing charges in other areas.

However, the survey shows that it is still possible to secure a £2,000 discount on a car and an attractive finance package.

Honda in particular has been praised for offering a good finance deal in conjunction with a scrappage scheme reduction, with zero per cent offered on new Civic, Civic Type-R and CR-V models.

Features of the Honda Civic include 17" alloy wheels and an innovative Dual Zone driver environment.


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