Free Cars? – Renault Giving Away the Twizy

Renault has taken the head-spinning step of giving away their cars. Ironic then, that it’s the company’s electric Twizy getting the freebie treatment.

Spanish customers who buy a Laguna or Espace, selling slowly in the country, will receive a brand new Twizy to accompany their new MPV. The promotional electric quadricycle is being given away in Spain as a response to the cash-strapped country’s dwindling car market. Indeed, Renault are also having problems selling the four-wheeled electric scooter which retails in Spain at just over £5,000.

UK drivers will not benefit from Renault’s marketing drive – Laguna and Espace MPV’s are no longer sold new in the UK. However, Renault are thought to be considering exporting the Twizy 45 to the UK. The 5 bhp/28 mph, could meet a new type of licence, for 16 year olds, which would make the road tax exempt Twizy a viable ride in this country.


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