Renault to launch first bioethanol car this year

Renault will launch its first bioethanol vehicle this year – the Megane E85, which will go on sale at the end of 2007.

The car is part of Renault’s environmental initiative, through which it has committed to making vehicles eco-friendly throughout their life cycle, from initial design to eventual recycling.

It claims that the initiative, called eCO2, will provide customers with a choice of vehicles that will be both kind to the environment and affordable.

The Megane E85 will use Renault’s 1.6-litre 16V engine, with a number of modifications having been made to the existing petrol system to enable it to adapt automatically to bioethanol fuel.

As a renewable and plant-based energy source, bioethanol is one of the most effective solutions to the CO2 emissions crisis, according to Renault. Cars using the fuel are also affordable as the cost of developing compatible engines is reasonable, the manufacturer explains.

E85 bioethanol is reportedly capable of CO2 savings of up to 70 per cent compared to comparative use of conventional petrol.

The fuel is developed by distilling fermented vegetable matter and combining this with petrol in varying proportions.


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