Renault Megane is a ‘top all-rounder’

The latest Renault Megane is the "best all-rounder" that the manufacturer has conjured up in many years, according to one reviewer.

Peter Hayward states in the Lennox Herald that the new Megane three-door coupe offers vast upgrades in looks and engines compared to past offerings of the range.

He remarks that he "hugely enjoyed" his test drive, with his vehicle fitted with a 1.9-litre turbo diesel engine.

While having the capabilities of reaching a top speed of 130 miles per hour and reaching 62 miles per hour from still in 9.5 seconds, Mr Hayward also indicates that the engine is "one of the quietest and smoothest diesels on the market".

However, the most impressive feature, according to Mr Hayward, was the chassis used, which hits new levels in terms of the way the car remains tight to the road.

He said that the chassis left him "clinging to the road surface like a limpet and yet also managing to ride reasonably well".

From the Megane range, the Expression dCi 86 is the best in terms of the amount of CO2 generated, with the vehicle creating 118g/km of carbon dioxide.


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