New Renault Megane is more ‘modest’

A change of approach has been undertaken with the new Renault Megane, it has been indicated.

Writing for the Financial Times, Matthew Pettipher remarks that in the past the Megane was marketed as a sexy car, powered with high amounts of ‘va va voom’ and stylish with a mass appeal.

However, the new car is a distant contrast to this, with it being more "modest" and seemingly aimed at more families, according to Mr Pettipher.

He adds that through the changes made to the highly spoke about rear end of the Megane, the new car benefits from smooth lines, a move which could be deliberate to "break with the model’s past".

Overall, Mr Pettipher comments that the Renault Megane 1.9-litre diesel version offers motorists a "pleasant" drive, alongside a good economy and is declared to be a "perfectly adequate mid-range car".

Among the attributes of the vehicle are that motorists can profit from completing 55.4 miles to the gallon, while a top speed of 127 miles per hour can be reached.

Motorists looking for a blend of style and comfort from their Renault Megane may wish to look at the Privilege range from the manufacturer.


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