Fuel efficiency improves on new lighter Renault Megane

In a bid to be more fuel efficient, Renault has reduced the weight of the latest offering of the Renault Megane, it has been highlighted.

A review of the Renault Megane 1.6 Expression by Neil Greenfield for the Islington Gazette has revealed that the new vehicle is eight kilograms lighter to help motorists to be able to travel further on a litre of fuel.

Meanwhile, motorists also have the dilemma of deciding between a wide ranging of engines, with Mr Greenfield giving the opinion that the "super-frugal diesels should be near the top of anyone’s wish list".

Furthermore, drivers of the Megane will largely benefit from a comfortable ride, according to Mr Greenfield, while having the benefit of a large boot.

The 372 litres of space on offer in the rear is larger than that which can be accessed in a Volkswagen Golf, while a large amount of standard equipment also comes with the car.
Overall, Mr Greenfield indicated that "the competitively-priced Megane still has something to offer for those looking for value and a dash of Gallic flair".

The Renault Megane 1.6 Expression has a combined fuel consumption of 42.2 miles to the gallon while generating 159g/km of carbon dioxide.


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