Renault eco vehicle stars in Garden for Eden project

A Renault eco vehicle has had a starring role in a Garden for Eden project – a scheme organised by acclaimed environmental site, the Eden Project.

Gardeners in the west country were invited to enter a televised competition to design and construct a front eco-friendly garden within The Eden Project.

The rules of entry stated that the garden needed to fit the needs of a busy family as well as have room for a small car to illustrate the practicality and flexibility of the design.

Renault has long-been proud of its status as one of Europe’s three most CO2 efficient manufacturers, with its strategy makers having always prioritised environmental concerns – something that used Renault dealers have happily taken advantage of when selling the cars over the years.

The Clio Dynamique dCi 86, a Renault supermini eco vehicle which emits just 117 g/km of CO2 and provides a highly-respectable combined MPG of 64.2, was chosen as the car to star in the project.

Written by Bobby Minter


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