Renault Clio “ticks the right boxes”

Motorists looking for a relatively standard car that will do all that is asked of it should consider a Renault Clio, according to a review of the vehicle.

Channel Four has indicated that the new Clio "ticks all the right boxes" through the inclusion of new fuel efficient engines, changes to the design and developments on the inside.

The review reveals that changes to the appearance of the vehicle can be witnessed through a more "striking" front and rear end, while the cabin has also been improved.

Motorists going on a small road trip in the Clio will note that both wind and road noise is "well suppressed", while the seats are generally comfortable.

Meanwhile, there is easily enough room on the inside to accommodate four adults, while the boot offers sufficient space for a motorist to carry a reasonable amount of luggage.

Overall, the review concluded that the latest offering is a "timely update" to the Clio range.

Another benefit of the vehicle is that it has received a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, while according to Renault, it is "chic and fun".


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