New Clio is ‘a joy to drive’

The latest version of the Renault Clio is likely to be a big hit with drivers, it has been suggested in the Yeovil Express.

In anticipation of its arrival at his Yeovil-based dealership, Anton K Szulc, managing director of AKS Renault, has noted that the car has already proved popular in parts of Somerset.

What’s more, given the car’s comfort, practicality and reliability, he can see no reason to believe that the Renault Clio’s success will not translate to the Yeovil area.

Commenting on the vehicle’s many selling points, Mr Szulc told the news provider: "The Clio is a joy to drive; it’s affordable, roomy and stylish and we’re thrilled that this ever-popular supermini has been given a facelift.

"The build quality is even better, the design is fantastic and it’s as at home on the motorway as it is about town."

As well as being fun to drive, the new Renault Clio is no slouch in the technology department, with options including cruise control, rear parking proximity sensor, automatic headlamp and wiper activation.

Clio 3-door and Clio 5-door versions of the car are available, with the former pitched as the sportier of the two and spaciousness listed as the main selling point of the latter.


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