Qashqai’s CVT ‘helps the environment and the wallet’

Nissan has announced the launch of a crossover automatic that is both cheaper and greener than the equivalent manual vehicle.

On the green front, the Qashqai can be fitted with a constant variable transmission (CVT) enabling it to use fuel more economically than its manual equivalent, while its engine emits 3.6 per cent less carbon dioxide than the comparable manual.

Furthermore, the factory in Sunderland where it is manufactured takes ten per cent of its electricity from a nearby wind farm, demonstrating Nissan’s commitment to sustainable energy.

But customer choice and good value are not sacrificed to green thinking – the model comes available in two or four-wheel drive, and with CVT, the two-wheel drive costs just £15,999 – £1,100 more than the manual.

The four-wheel drive version, on sale from March 1st, starts at £17,599.

The Qashqai is named after a nomadic desert tribe in south-western Iran.


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