Kaizen philosophy leads to Nissan GT-R modifications

A series of subtle modifications have been made to the Nissan GT-R, in line with Japanese kaizen philosophy.

The philosophy calls for the pursuit of continuous improvement and so Nissan engineers have come up with a series of subtle tweaks intended to do just that. Although the vehicle’s torque stays as it is, the engine has gained 5PS while the standard tyres will now be Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST. Designed to boost performance, the vehicle did the Nurburgring in seven minutes, 31 seconds.

In addition to the tyres, the GT-R will be fitted with new Gun Metal grey alloy wheels, with black rays fitted for black models. Motorists can also now opt for a pearl-white ‘Storm’ exterior colour scheme if it better suits their tastes.

Prices begin at £56,795, with the Premium Edition being available for an additional £1,300, or an extra £1,300 again for the Black Edition. Customers ordering now will receive their vehicles from April next year

In other news, automotiveworld.com reports that Nissan intends to enter Canada’s commercial vehicle market.


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  1. Thanks for your post! It was good to read about kaizen manufacturing principles and philosophy being implemented at Nissan. We work closely with this philosophy as nothing should be considered “Good enough”. Continuous improvement implies that a business should always strive to make everything better and this can also be achieved with good lean principles and maintenance training.