Nissan unveils its electric plans

As part of its ambition to be the leader in zero-emission vehicles, the automaker announced plans to introduce an electric car in 2010 that would be ready for the mass market by 2012.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) prototype is the latest generation vehicle to feature a front-wheel drive layout powered by laminated-ion batteries installed under the floor.

Meanwhile, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) will deliver a high performance rear wheel drive system and a parallel-powertrain hybrid system.

The HEV uses an energy optimising system in its parallel powertrain with two clutches.

This means one motor is directly connected to an engine and another to transmission allowing a switch between two clutches to save time and energy during changing driving conditions.

The advanced battery systems have been developed from the joint venture Nissan-NEC initiative.

The latest development from Nissan follows a long experience in electric powered development.

In 2006, Nissan introduced the Altima Hybrid in North America and it has also introduced a hybrid to Japan in 1999.


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