BMW 3-Series does not have to break the bank

With many motorists having to consider their finances in the current climate, they have been told that a BMW 3-Series can be bought without "breaking the bank".

Bill Caven states in the Daily Record that the BMW 318i ES is a "worthy contender" for a motorist looking for a vehicle that enables them to look the part while still offering value for money.

Furthermore, with a higher number of motorists now concerned with their vehicle’s environmental impact, the vehicle is among the most fuel efficient in BMW’s "stable of desired dream machines".

By avoiding pushing the pedal to the metal, drivers can achieve 48 miles to the gallon, according to Mr Caven, which means that it can in theory be driven from London to Glasgow on a single tank of fuel.

Meanwhile, when behind the wheel the vehicle will leave a driver "spellbound by its brilliance", Mr Caven reveals, with the car doing everything asked of it in an effortless manner.

A review of the same vehicle by Channel Four stated that it is "quick", "economical" and "a great drive".


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