Sexy Green show opens in Cornwall

The recently started Sexy Green Car Show at the Eden Project in Cornwall is aspiring to give drivers a better understanding of ways to implement environmentally friendly driving plans.

Running until April 15th, the sexy show’s cost is incorporated into the admission for the Eden Project itself.

On display at the show will be a number of environmentally-friendly cars, including a Ford Model T, a seminal vehicle in production history.

The car has been converted to function on eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel.

A Lola B2K Le Mans racer will also be on display, as well as a new fuel-efficient diesel offering from Volkswagen, the Polo BlueMotion.

The Eden Project’s marketing director, David Meneer, said the show would also give drivers a "a better understanding of government schemes such as the new fridge-type efficiency labels on cars, tax bands on emissions and variable congestion charges".


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