New Ford C-MAX MPV secures environmental bragging rights

The new Ford C-MAX MPV has secured environmental bragging rights owing to its status as lowest emitter of carbon dioxide in its segment.

Ford C-MAX 1.6 TDCi models now emit just 119g/km of carbon dioxide, resulting in a vehicle excise duty (Ved) of just £35. Even this figure will lose an additional £5 next year with the introduction of new Ved banding. Ford now has over 50 separate models which produce less than 120g CO2/km, all of which bring fuel economy benefits as well as tax advantages and the clear benefits to the wider environment.

Ford also offers a wide range of low-emission larger vehicles in the sub-160g CO2/km, with no other car manufacturer providing as many compliant models. The Mondeo, Focus, S-MAX and C-MAX are just four which fit into the sub-160g CO2/km segment, offering considerable choice for motorists eager to make an eco-friendly choice.

The larger car options are especially good news for companies requiring a fleet.

In other news, the British parts maker Wagon, which supplied a variety of car manufacturers including Ford, has filed for bankruptcy.


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