New Ford Ka raises the bar with improved residual values

The all-new Ford Ka is set to raise the bar by improving its predicted residual value rating when compared to the previous model.

The news means that it should prove a popular and in-demand used car when it enters the used Ford car market.

According to data provider Cap Monitor, all petrol models of the new Ka are now valued at 39 per cent after three years on the road and 60,000 miles on the clock.

Martin Ward of Cap said: "The new Ford Ka is a brilliant small car which is coming to the market at the right time when customers are looking for economical cars that are cheap to run, fun and have great styling – it’s a superb drive for such a small car."

An added attraction of the new model is the fact that the insurance rating on the Studio version of the new Ka starts at 1E – the lowest rating there is.

The European version of the Ka is produced in Valencia, Spain and the all-new range is available now with prices starting from £7,945.

Written by Barry Oakey


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