Ford Smart Driving Challenge ‘a big success’

Organisers of the Ford Smart Driving Challenge have hailed the event as a big success after it proved how much fuel and money can be saved by following some simple tips.

Low CO2 Ford Focus ECOnetic models were used in the challenge. These included Ford Focus ECOnetic TDCi models, Ford Mondeo ECOnetic models and Fiesta ECOnetic models.

The 500 drivers involved in the challenge tackled a two-part test. The first was to establish existing smooth driving skills, with fuel consumption/CO2 output recorded.

Next came eco driving instruction from organisers the Energy Saving Trust. Smart driving techniques deliver environmental, financial and safety benefits by reducing fuel consumption thanks to a smoother driving style aimed at eliminating wasteful acceleration and braking.

The challenge found that the fuel saved after deploying smart driving tips equated to £325 per year for the average motorist. On average, drivers improved their miles per gallon by 33.4 per cent.

Nigel Underdown, Energy Saving Trust’s head of transport advice, said: "These are great results proving that a few simple smart driving techniques make a huge difference to fuel consumption."

Written by Helen Shakira


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