Reduced CO2 Ford Focus receives eco-award

Ford Focus’s ECOnetic model has received the inaugural ‘Green Car of the Year’ award from environmental motoring website Whatgreencar?

Ford has since rolled out the ECOnetic enhancements to the Mondeo and plans to launch the Fiesta ECOnetic later this year. ECOnetics use improved aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tyres and controlled lubrication to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions and to enhance fuel consumption. editor, Dr Ben Lane, said: "With the fuel efficient Ford Focus ECOnetic, all new car buyers have the opportunity to purchase a more environmentally-friendly car that meets the average motorist’s needs."

Roelant de Waard, chairman and managing director of Ford of Britain, said: "Drivers want to be green but without giving up comfort and performance or paying a high price. Ford ECOnetics answer that demand and I’m delighted that Whatgreencar? has recognised this."

The Focus ECOnetic is exempt from the London congestion charge and it is planned that the Fiesta will be exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax) too.


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