‘No argument’ over Ford Focus RS

Although there have been some question marks over the usage of the RS badge on Ford vehicles in the past, there is no argument to be formed about its inclusion on the new Ford Focus, according to a reviewer.

Writing for CarKeys, David Finlay reveals that the primary focus of the model is power, with it being the most powerful Focus ever built.

Mr Finlay also remarks that the 2.5-litre turbo engine is a "fine unit", with motorists benefitting from a "reasonable performance" even if their rev counter never goes above the 3,000 mark.

Furthermore, he highlights that the Focus comes into its own when presented with a slightly challenging environment.

"It leaps between corners, wipes off unrequired speed brilliantly, settles down amazingly quickly once you’ve turned in and swoops through the rest of the corner so serenely that you do briefly wonder if four-wheel drive would have made much difference", according to Mr Finlay.

Buyers can also opt for an additional cost to have a part-leather trim or a Luxury Pack, consisting of air conditioning, rear parking sensors and tyre deflation detection, among other things.

It recently emerged that the Ford Focus RS could be being lined up for a hot hatch world record attempt at the Nurburgring track.


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