Ford Focus shows modification impact on car insurance

A Ford Focus has been used as an example to show just how much a young person could increase the cost of their car insurance by fitting their vehicle with certain specifications.

Research from has found that young drivers could increase their car insurance quote by over £6,000 by opting for extras including spoilers and tinted windows on their model.

It was revealed that a motorist could pay as little as £88 for small modifications to a Ford Focus 1.6 such as simple side skirts, but this increases by a further £756 if tinted windows are fitted.

Flared wheel arches and wings could see a further £3,500 added to the cost of a car insurance policy while those who go all out and have a new exhaust system fitted could pay an additional £6,225.

Mark Monteiro, insurance expert at, comments: "Car insurance for young drivers is already really expensive so opting for cars that fall into a more expensive insurance group really isn’t advisable.

"As soon as modifications are made such as spoilers and tinted windows, premiums will only rocket further."

According to Ford, the Focus has a "striking" exterior design, alongside a "comfortable" cabin.


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  2. Everyone wants to be different, wants to be their own person and this urge is stronger among young people. It is not wrong to want to modify your car to make it more attractive and have the “cool” look but for people who’ve just got their licence, it’s better to wait for at least 2 years to build up that no claims before making drastic changes unless of course you’re ready to pay hefty premiums and you’ve got the money for that.