Ford Focus RS ticks all the right boxes

The latest Ford Focus RS ticks all the right boxes when it comes to matching its high expectations, according to one reviewer.

Writing for Fleet Directory, Lee Sibbald states that the RS "looks every inch" the way that it should, while also matching its expectations of being powerful and sleek.

The latest offering marks the 40th anniversary of the RS badge and offers drivers a great deal of flexibility in relation to the amount of tasks it can be used for effectively.

Mr Sibbald highlights that the engine is that flexible that it can be adequately used as an everyday run-around vehicle, while also meeting the demands of a practical high performance car.

Motorists will receive an official combined fuel economy of 30 miles to the gallon, while enjoying a comfortable cruise when riding around town.

The reviewer concludes that the Focus RS is "one of the best high performance cars currently on the market".

Meanwhile, John Simister recently wrote in the Independent that the RS is a "proper enthusiast’s car", while being the quickest ever built in the Focus range.


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