Stock shortages touted as reason for varying auction costs of Ford Fiesta

The mileage completed by a car and its age seems to have little bearing on its appeal to motorists looking for a new vehicle at auction, it has been suggested.

Honest John has analysed some of the latest vehicles changing hands at auction, with some bids around a variety of Ford Fiesta cars drawing a specific mention.

Three Ford Fiesta 1.2 Style Climate three-door cars were recently put up for sale at auction, all of which were exchanged for virtually the same price.

However, there were some key differences in the ages of the vehicles in question and the number of miles on their clocks.

Two of the vehicles had an 07 registration plate, yet the one that had completed 30,000 miles sold for £5,300, while the other that had only done 11,000 miles was bought for just £200 more.

Meanwhile, the same vehicle on an 08 plate that had been driven for 14,000 miles may have been expected to fetch more, but only sold for £5,400.

Stock shortages of certain models of particular ages are touted as potential reasons for these findings.

Alternatively, motorists interested in purchasing a new Ford Fiesta may be interested to know that the vehicle was declared the 2009 Car of the Year by What Car? magazine.


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