Scottish Car of the Year winner revealed

The prize for the Scottish Car of the Year 2008 has been handed out at the 11th annual Association of Scottish Motoring Writers (ASMW) awards dinner in St Andrew’s, Scotland.

Ian Slater, of Ford Europe, bounded up the steps to collect the award which went to the all-new Ford Fiesta.

The jury of 17 Scottish motor journalists was impressed with the model’s qualities of style, dynamic driving and value for money.

President of the ASMW, Bill Caven, thought that the new Fiesta was "streets ahead" of every other car nominated for the award.

He said: "There is always a degree of trepidation amongst motor manufacturers when it comes to replacing a best-selling model with the next-generation car.

"Will it live up to past reputation and appeal?"

The answer seems to be a resounding yes [comma]as Mr Caven added: "This is going to be an enormous seller for them in the coming months and deservedly so."

Used Ford dealers will be monitoring the all-new Fiesta’s sales figures very closely.

Written by Suzy Keys


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