No allergies with latest used Ford Fiesta

Motorists concerned that the vehicle they drive could increase their chances of becoming ill may want to ensure they buy a used Ford Fiesta.

Ford is the only manufacturer to have its vehicles independently checked by the British Allergy Foundation, meaning that in excess of 100 materials used on each model go under the microscope.

In all, seven model ranges have been certified as being allergy tested, meaning that Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus drivers among others can be sure that their interior is allergy free.

Andy Taylor, Ford’s European sustainability director, said: “Common materials like latex, chrome and nickel can provoke allergic reactions in some people.

“Our engineers take special care to minimise or eliminate such materials, something that is confirmed in these exhaustive independent tests.”

Used car drivers will not be faced with any additional costs as a result of the testing procedure.

Meanwhile, the Fiesta is set to unveil its ECOnetic offering in the coming weeks, which allow drivers to complete 76.3 miles per gallon of fuel and generate CO2 emissions of 98g/km.


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