Carrick started life with a Ford Fiesta

Although he has driven cars such as a Dodge Viper and a Mercedes-Benz over time, Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick began his time behind the wheel in a Ford Fiesta.

According to the Daily Mail, the dual English Premier League winner has stated that he passed his driving test when a youth at West Ham and he opted for a used Ford Fiesta Ghia as his first car.

He told the publication: "It didn’t even have a CD player. I had one of those tapes with the wires that go in and I’d have my little personal stereo sitting on the passenger seat."

Carrick added that one of his first expeditions in the car was a drive back to his homeland in Newcastle, where he took some stick for some of his bad driving from friends.

"I kept kangarooing up the road. I took a lot of stick from them," the England midfielder remarked.

After two years of owning the Fiesta, Carrick opted to pass it on to his dad, while he went out and bought a BMW 3-Series.

Tottenham Hotspur is among the other clubs that Carrick has played for in his career.


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