BMW releases details of new M5 Touring

BMW has unveiled the specifications of its new M5 Touring estate model, confirming that this is the first time a right-hand drive version of the car has been made available to British drivers.

The manufacturer claims that the vehicle is ideal for motorists who often need to move sizeable loads but still need to do so quickly.

A powertrain that won the international engine of the year award back-to-back will be under the bonnet of the M5 Touring, while in the boot 1,650 litres of space will be provided.

The car is certainly capable of high performance – with a five-litre, V-10 engine, 507hp and the ability to hit 62mph from a standstill in 4.8 seconds, only 0.1 seconds slower than its saloon counterpart.

Lee Connolly, BMW UK’s product manager for the model, commented: “The M5 Touring will be the perfect car for delivering supercar owners’ luggage to their holiday homes in France or Spain. Usefully, their luggage will arrive before they do!”

The car’s design has been enhanced slightly, with clear glass technology installed on the headlamps and indicator units and the kidney grille shifted to be flush with the bumper.

Additional contour lines have been added to the car’s side to improve its shape, while on the interior, door panels have been redesigned, with window switches now incorporated into the horizontal armrests and eight freely programmable ‘favourite’ buttons on the dashboard.


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