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More buyers than ever before are looking to make the switch to an EV, so there’s plenty of choice available as more manufacturers launch new electric models. 

But going electric doesn’t have to mean something expensive and premium —  with some EVs nearing 10 years old, the used market is becoming filled with more affordable models. 

Looking for a new EV, but aren’t sure which one to go for? We’ve chosen five great used EVs available for under £20,000.

Nissan Leaf

It would be rude not to start with the model that helped to kick off this drive towards EVs. This Sunderland-built hatchback has been one of the most popular electric cars to date in the UK, and for good reason.  

And with the Leaf launching in 2011, it means there are some very affordable models on offer, with prices starting from just £5,500. Early cars came with a 24kWh battery pack – allowing for around 100 miles of range. If you’d prefer something newer, the second-generation Leaf debuted in 2018. There are already plenty of these available for under £20,000. These new models are good for a claimed 168 miles of range, which can make them rather appealing.  

Used Nissan Leafs available from £5,500 on AA Cars 

BMW i3

If you fancy something a bit more premium, the BMW i3 a great option. Debuting in 2013, this car that helped to kickstart BMW’s dedicated electrified ‘i’ brand. The  i3 has aged brilliantly — it’s still available to buy brand new, and with minimal changes from when it was first introduced. 

Along with its futuristic styling and cool interior made from recycled materials, the BMW i3 remains a desirable option. It’s also great fun to drive, and has an electric range of around 100 miles on earlier models (up to 180 miles on the latest cars). While the i3 has held its value well, you can still find them for sale for under £20,000. 

Used BMW i3s available from £12,500 on AA Cars.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric  

You might not know it, but Hyundai has more electric and hybrid models on sale than most. Key to this expansion has been the Ioniq – a model that’s only available with electrified powertrains. You can choose it as a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid or as the EV seen here.  

Launching in 2016, the Ioniq is a spacious family car choice, similar in size to the popular Toyota Prius. It comes with the most standard kit of any car on this list, while its reserved styling will appeal if you want an EV that blends in. Hyundai claims an electric range of 174 miles, though something closer to 130 miles is more likely.

Used Hyundai Ioniq Electrics available from £17,500 on AA Cars

Seat Mii Electric  

If you want an electric car and have a strict budget of £20,000, you might be surprised to learn that you can afford a new EV. The Seat Mii Electric is a new model for 2020, and despite its compact size, it’s able to travel for an excellent 160 miles on a single charge.  

Priced from £19,800, it only just sneaks into this budget, though you won’t feel short-changed. It still comes as standard with parking sensors and cruise control, to name but a few features. 

If you want to beat the waiting list, you can find Seat Mii Electrics from £19,995 on AA Cars.

Renault Zoe

Like the Nissan Leaf, the Renault Zoe was another of the early mass-market EVs. Debuting in 2013, this Clio-sized model is an easy to drive, good-sized car for small families or inner-city users.  

It’s also superb value for money, with plenty of Zoes being available for under £10,000, and promising low running costs in the process. A real-world range of around 100 miles isn’t especially generous on early models, but won’t be a problem  if you predominantly drive around towns and cities. 

Used Renault Zoes are available from £6,000 on AA Cars


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