You can always know the speed limit with new BMW 7 Series technology

New recognition technology fitted on board the new BMW 7 Series means that the cars’ drivers will have no excuse not to know the speed limit, wherever they are in Europe.

Speed Limit Display comes as standard with the car, which was launched on November 15th, together with the optional Lane Departure Warning system.

The technology is so effective thanks to a camera situated behind the rear view mirror.

Cross-referencing the GPS navigation system information and the real-world information to constantly monitor the legal speed limit, the camera sends this information to the driver in the dashboard.

All European speed limits are pre-programmed into the car’s hard drive but surely the system is flawed as, when there are road works or incidents, limits can vary?

Not so – the clever camera processes the numbers on temporary road signs and over-rides the known speed limit, relaying this information to the grateful driver.

Used BMW dealers will be able to conclude sales even more speedily thanks to this example of the wonders of science.

Written by Bobby Minter


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