New BMW saloon to employ pioneering braking system

BMW is relaunching its 5-Series saloon with a range of new features, including a regenerative braking system.

The technology, which works by utilising the energy that is lost during braking, has previously only been used in hybrid cars.

It is reportedly able to cut carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption by three per cent, as the energy saved is used to recharge the car’s battery via an intelligent alternator.

A high-capacity, glass-mat battery will also be incorporated into the system, with the capability of being rapidly recharged to 100 per cent during braking.

These initiatives are to be implemented as part of BMW’s wider ‘efficient dynamics’ programme, which is designed to reduce the weight of its vehicles, lower fuel consumption and improve overall efficiency.

Other innovations that are set to be introduced across BMW ranges include low-rolling resistance tyres, electric air conditioning compressors and electric power steering.

The new 5-Series is to be introduced in March and other new features are expected to be seen in BMW models throughout 2007.


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