Used BMW 3-Series sees fall in trade value

Motorists looking to get their hands on a used BMW 3-Series could currently purchase a vehicle at unprecedented low prices, it has been revealed.

According to EurotaxGlass’s Glass’s Guide, one-year-old prestige drop-top vehicles are witnessing price drops of up to 24 per cent, when compared with their cost in March last year.

The guide found that a BMW 330i M-Sport Convertible that had completed 12,000 miles would have been worth around £36,000 last March.

However, this figure has currently dropped by 23 per cent, meaning that a fan could now purchase a vehicle in the fleet for £27,775.

Richard Crosthwaite, prestige car editor at Glass’s, said: "Values of prestige roadsters and cabriolets have traditionally outperformed those of most other segments, but latterly they have been hit hard by the decline in consumer spending."

He added that the vehicles are widely regarded as "luxury items" with trade values falling as a result of low demand and high supply.

A review of the above mentioned BMW by Channel Four stated that drivers would benefit from "exceptional refinement" and "build integrity".


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