BMW 3-Series benefits from great engineering

The "level of engineering" put into vehicles in the BMW 3-Series range is what helps mark the cars as something special, according to one reviewer.

Writing for Fleet News, John Maslen made the comment after taking a road test in the BMW 320d Touring SE.

He remarks that the 2.0-litre diesel engine is a stand-out feature of the car as it helps to combine "smooth power delivery with remarkable frugality".

Furthermore, Mr Maslen reveals that despite being a car with a fairly large engine, motorists can still benefit from a combined fuel economy of 57.6 miles to the gallon, while only generating 130g/km of CO2.

Finally, he touched on the benefits of the stop & start technology that is fitted as standard and improves the vehicle’s green credentials by automatically turning off the engine when the car is in a static position.

The engine then turns itself back on when a driver presses down the clutch in preparation to move away again.

Motorists looking for some rapid acceleration can also reach 62 miles per hour from still in 8.1 seconds.


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