When’s the new Focus available and what mpg can I expect?

Hi looking at buying new Focus Titanium,original plan was Tdi but be warned off due to low mileage we do 6500 and lack of motorway use. So now either 100 bhp or 125 bhp 1.0 engine. Is there a big difference in mpg and driving experience. Are there any extras you would recommend and finally do you have any idea when new face lift focus will be available. Thanks

Asked by mick

You’re right to avoid diesel given your low mileage – it would take a very long time to break even on the higher purchase price.
Both the 100 and 125PS are pretty good according to official fuel consumption figures; 60 and 56mpg respectively, though in real world use you can expect either to be closer to 40mpg depending on driving style and type of use.
The latest, 2014 model year Focus was shown at the Geneva motorshow earlier this year and is due on sale this summer. There’s a new engine line up and some styling changes but the most obvious change is the simplified centre console where buttons are now incorporated into a touch screen.


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