Fiat produces one millionth Panda model

The millionth Panda vehicle to be produced by Fiat rolled off the production line at a factory in Tychy, Poland this week.

The Fiat Auto Poland plant first began putting the cars together in May 2003, with the model’s popularity seeing it become a European sales leader.

In 2004, the vehicle picked up the prestigious Car of the Year award that is continuing today, with 270,000 vehicles planned for 2007.

Fiat has called the plant “one of the most modern car factories in Europe”.

“Currently, 4,200 people work at Fiat Auto Poland and 1,400 cars are produced at the Tychy plant every day. In 2007, an output of 366,000 units is planned,” the company stated.

Fiat is an Italian automobile company that was first established in 1899.

The name is an acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, which is Italian Automobile Factory of Turin in Italian.


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