BMW Concept Active Tourer First Look

In yet another bid to occupy the growing market looking for downsized, eco-friendly motoring, BMW have released pictures of their Concept Active Tourer, set to be shown at the Paris Motor Show toward the end of the month.

City-car in size, the MPV has a plug-in, 113mpg hybrid powertrain. It’s front wheel drive (providing more internal space). The front end is shorter, and there’s a transversely mounted 1.5-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection and a turbocharger. The petrol engine drives the front wheels, the rear powered by an electric motor providing a battery range of up to 20 miles.

In terms of pure speed, BMW say the CAT will reach 62mph in just under eight seconds and there’s a top speed of 125mph. The claimed 133mpg and 60g per kilometre CO2 is certainly a head-turner – the statistics make the CAT best-in-class.

BMW Active Tourer Concept

Being a concept, there’s some other natty ideas…

The CAT’s Sat-Nav communicates with the engine and automatically identifies the most efficient drive source (front, rear or a mix). This technology will feature three settings, Comfort, Sport and Eco Pro. In Eco Pro, the Sat-Nav provides co-pilot advice – e.g. if a tight corner is coming up or speed limit set to change, drivers will be told ‘remove’ foot from accelerator.

Visually, to make the CAT look a little sportier, the BMW grille is tilted forward, headlights are swept back, wheelarches flared to cover 20-inch wheels. Tail-lights are reminiscent of the 6 Series. Front seats offer high-mounted visibility, while the rears split 40/20/40. Up above there’s a ‘cool shade’ panoramic roof made of two sheets of glass which sandwich a suspended particle film. The film can be switched opaque to clear – nice.

Internally, the Concept Active Tourer is reminiscent of those used in BMW’s concept cars, the i3 commuter car and the i8 sports coupe. And like its predecessors, the Active Tourer has a display inspired by tablets/smartphone design. A 10.25 screen replaces traditional gauges. It’s a screen which, as you might expect, allows drivers to control the in-car environment – heat, audio etc. – and some driving settings.

BMW Active Tourer Concept Interior

Five and seven seater models are expected to be built.


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